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Lunchbox Ideas Using Leftovers

When I have to pack a lunchbox, I often use leftovers. If I made grilled fish the night before, I will make a fish sandwich the next day for lunch; adding fresh arugula or baby sprouts will enhance the flavor of the fish. Meatloaf sandwich is always one of my favorites. Chicken Cutlet and leftover Green Bean Stir-fry to make Kimbap. With leftover rice, after warming it up in the microwave, I can easily make rice balls or Inari sushi and pack it with sweet vegetables pickles. Here are just a few of them to share with you.


Tri-Colored Rice Rolls


Transfer finely chopped carrot, broccoli florets and roasted sesame seeds individually to small bowls.

Season the rice and divide into bite size balls. Coat each ball separately in the bowls.


Rice Seasoning

1 cup cooked rice
1 tablespoon white vinegar or rice vinegar
1 teaspoons sugar
1/8 teaspoon kosher salt

In a bowl, mix the rice dressing. If the rice is cold, warm it up in the microwave. Pour the dressing over hot rice and mix the rice in a circular motion. If making more than 1 cup, adjust the recipe proportionately.


Roasted Chicken Sandwich


Split apart a hamburger bun. Remove the crust from the top and bottom of the bun and toast them lightly in olive oil.

Wrap avocado slices in lettuce. This helps the avocado keep inside the bun. Spread olive oil mayonnaise on the bun. Assemble the sandwich; bun + avocado/lettuce + roasted chicken (or meat of your choice) + top with the bun.

Cut the sandwich in half. Wrap each piece halfway up with parchment paper.


Rice Rolls and Tamagoyaki Rolls


Seasoned rice balls rolled in roasted sesame seeds and finely chopped parsley. The rolls are accompanied with Tamagoyaki rolled in roasted seaweed and boston bib lettuce.


Lettuce Rolls


Remove the rigid part of the stem from 2 pieces of lettuce. Place the leaves on top of each other overlapping in the middle. Place the avocado, and meat.

Roll the lettuce into a log. Place toothpicks spaced an inch apart. Cut in between the toothpicks so that you have bite size pieces. Pack with baby tomatoes and home-made biscuits on the side.


Fried Rice Eggs Rolls


Make the eggs as shown on Omu Rice. Lay the egg sheet on a sushi mat. Place the fried rice and roll into a log. Cut to 1 inch pieces. Sides: Asian pears and seedless grapes


Baked Trout Sandwich


Prepare a hamburger bun as shown in “Roasted Chicken Sandwich”. Spread aioli or mayonnaise + mustard + relish.

I like using trout to make a sandwich because it doesn’t have the typical fishy smell. I had made it the night before so I decided to use it to pack lunch.

If the fish has been refrigerated, warm the fish in the microwave and sprinkle lime juice. Assemble the sandwich; bun + aioli or mayonnaise + baby greens or arugula + trout + bun. Wrap the bottom half of the sandwich with parchment paper.


Inari Sushi with Egg Apple


Season the rice with the Rice Dressing. Place a piece of fried bean curd in the palm of your hand and gently squeeze the excess juice. Carefully open the fried bean curd. Take about 1 1/2 tablespoons of rice and stuff the pocket. The brand of seasoned fried bean curd I like is Hime Inarizushi-No-Moto.


Stuffed Rice Rolls


Season the rice with the Rice Dressing. Take about a tablespoon of rice and create a pouch in the center. Place cheese, pickles, or chopped leftover meat in the center. Top with 3/4 tablespoons of rice. Shape it into a ball. Coat with roasted sesame seeds and/or finely chopped parsley.


Meatloaf Sandwich



Leftover Kimbap


Kimbap made with leftover Chicken Cutlet and Green Bean Stir-fry. I added fresh cucumbers and pickled radish.