Salting Cabbage for Kimchi Making

Follow these simple steps to salt the cabbage and other vegetables to make Kimchi. Dress with The Basic Kimchi Sauce for a traditional spicy red pepper based Kimchi as well as non spicy White Kimchi. Traditional Cabbage Kimchi White Kimchi … Continue reading

Perilla Kimchi

Kketnip Kimchi | 깻잎김치 Ingredients Use this recipe for every 20 leaves. Make as many as you want, simply increase the ingredients proportionately keeping to the same ratio between the leaves and the sauce. 20 perilla leaves Sauce 2 tablespoons … Continue reading

Traditional Cabbage Kimchi

배추김치 | Baechu Kimchi Follow the three steps in Kimchi in 3 Steps, to make the traditional Napa Cabbage Kimchi two ways. First with the traditional turnip stuffing with julienned turnips. Second option, Larger turnip slices layered with the cabbages … Continue reading