Kimchi Salad – Gutjuri

겉절이 When I make the traditional napa cabbage kimchi, I set aside the cabbage hearts after the cabbages have been salted to make gutjuri, kimchi salad. They are the sweetest part of the cabbage and perfect as a salad. While … Continue reading

Turnip Kimchi

Ggakdughee [깍두기] Korean turnip is cut into cubes and flavored with The Basic Red Pepper Kimchi Sauce for a spicy crispy Kimchi. Turnip Kimchi needs to be fully fermented for best taste.

Quick Napa Cabbage Kimchi

배추 막김치 | Napa Cabbage Kimchi, also known as Chinese Cabbage Kimchi is the most well known among the many varieties of Kimchi. This recipe is the quick and easy version of the traditional Cabbage Kimchi but retains the full … Continue reading