Bento | Doshirak |Lunch Box | 도시락

Lunchbox Ideas Using Leftovers When I have to pack a lunchbox, I often use leftovers. If I made grilled fish the night before, I will make a fish sandwich the next day for lunch; adding fresh arugula or baby sprouts … Continue reading

Meeyukgook | Korean Birthday Soup | 미역국

Meeyukgook is always served on a birthday; soup is a must as part of a birthday meal. This tradition may have begun as a symbolic rememberance of the day we were born.   It is customary to serve Meeyukgook when … Continue reading

Omu Rice | Fried Rice Omelette | 오무 라이스

Growing up, it was a treat when my Mom made Omu Rice for us. It was not only delicious but a fun food to have as a child. When I became a Mom, I too made this dish for my … Continue reading