Fish Tacos

Fast, Simple and Healthy

Don’t have time to fuss over dinner but want a tasty meal? Try Fish Tacos. Use the same spice rub as the Six Spice Chicken to marinade the fish. While the fish is marinating, cut up the vegetables, make the quacamole, tomato salsa and coleslaw. Cook the vegetables and fish. Warm up the tortilla. Place them in serving dishes. Ready for everyone to enjoy in less than 30 minutes.

Cut the fish into bite size pieces and sprinkle Six Spice rub. Cook the fish with olive oil until done being careful not to overcook.

Set Aside. Suggested fish: Salmon, Mahi Mahi, Tilapia, Grouper

Cut up the vegetables.
Suggested vegetables: Red and/or white onions and green and/or peppers

Cook vegetables with olive oil. Season with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper or Six Spice Rub.

Fish Taco Slaw

Make vinegar dressing coleslaw.

In lieu of the coleslaw, thinly sliced lettuce can be used.


Make one or more of these toppings: guacamole, mango salsa, chopped fresh tomatoes or tomato salsa

Arrange everything prettily on a large platter, serve with warm tortilla.