How-To Make Basic Dashi | Anchovy Broth

Myulchi Gookmool | 멸치국물


12 cups water
12-15 large dried anchovies for broth
3 3×3 dashima (konbu)

Anchovy Broth

Using a wet paper towel, remove the powdery film on the surface on both sides.


Clean the dried anchovies by removing the heads. Remove and discard intestines. Split the body in half.

Dried anchovies come in many different sizes. Tiny ones that are used for Anchovy Stir-Fry to large ones. Select the largest for the broth.

Anchovy Broth

Place the prepped dried anchovies in a pouch. The body and the heads.

Anchovy Broth

In addition to the paper pouch, I also like using a re-usable stainless steel pouch. Both available in Asian grocery stores.

Anchovy Broth

Add water in a large pot. Place dried anchovy pouch and dashima. Cover and bring to a boil. Once at boil, lower the heat and simmer for 10 minutes.

Basic Dashi
Remove dashima and the pouch. Cool.

If not using right way, cool, transfer to a container and refrigerate. For longer storage, divide in 1 cup portions and freeze.

Cooks Note:
Anchovy Broth

Additional ingredients can be added to infuse different flavors to the broth such as dried shintake mushrooms and onions.