Learn tips and techniques for Asian cooking to make your Asian cooking experience easier and more enjoyable.

Make The Basic Kimchi Sauce quickly and easily by using a blender for all red pepper based Kimchi. Julienne vegetables to match stick sizes with ease by following the instructions on How-To Julienne.

Learn How-To Paebaek – Korean Wedding Bowing Ceremony, a meaningful way to add some fun and Korean culture into a modern wedding.

ManduPi18How-To Make Pot Sticker | Gyoza| Mandu Wrappers
Quick and easy to make home-made dumpling wrappers. Skins for Pot Sticker, Gyoza, Mandu, Wonton. Learn to make dumpling wrappers as thin or thick as you want.

WoodEarMushroom7How-To Prepare Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms
Learn to slice them as thin or thick as you would like. Use it in vegetable or meat stir fries. One of the essential ingredients for Mushu Pork.

Shintake MushroomsHow-To Prepare Dried Shintake Mushrooms
Follow these simple steps to prepare dried shintake mushrooms. Learn to slice them as thin or thick as you would like. I make them ahead of time and store them in the freezer to cutdown on the prep time. Just to name a few of the dishes: Oyaku Donburi, Japchae – Korean Noodle Salad, or Stuffed Tofu.

Kimchi SaltingHow-To Salt Cabbage for Kimchi Making
Follow these simple steps to salt the cabbage and other vegetables to make Kimchi. Dress with The Basic Kimchi Sauce for a traditional spicy red pepper based Kimchi. It is a cinch to make White Kimchi, Kimchi that is full of refreshing flavors without the spice.

How-To Blanch SpinachHow To Blanch Spinach
Learn to blanch spinach to make Kimbap – Korean Rice Rolls. Dress with three different ways to make Korean Spinach Salad Three Ways.

How To Freeze Dumplings
How To Freeze Dumplings

Follow these simple steps to freeze the dumplings. Store them in the freezer and take out as much as you need at a time. Steam, pan fry or add to soups.

ServingWineTraditional Korean Wedding Bowing Ceremony
How-To Paebaek
A beautiful and meaningful way to incorporate Korean heritage and culture and bring some added fun to weddings in America. We offer here easy to follow and simplified approach to preparing and enjoying Paebaek.

Anchovy BrothHow To Make Basic Dashi – Anchovy Broth

Learn How-To make dashi or anchovy broth to use as a soup base. Also an essential ingredient for White Kimchi and an egg custard.

tofu1How To Roast Tofu
Learn How-To roast tofu in the oven to give it a caramelized crust and texture. A much healthier alternative to frying. The roasted tofu can be used in stir-fries, salads, stews, anywhere you would use bite-size tofu. Make a simple Tofu Salad.