Kimchi in 3 Steps: Quick and Easy way to make Kimchi in 3 Steps with great tasting Kimchi every time.


Salting Cabbage

Learn a quick and easy way to salt the cabbage and other vegetables for all Kimchi Making, including traditional red pepper based Kimchi as well as the latest non-spicy Quick White Kimchi.


The Basic Kimchi Sauce

Make the Traditional Cabbage Kimchi to Kimchi Salad with this simple Kimchi sauce. You won’t want to buy another bottle of Kimchi.

The hardest part of making Kimchi is the sauce. With a touch of a botton, make this easy but authentic tasting sauce that can be used to make all of the red-pepper based Kimchi. Make a batch and keep it in the freezer for even a faster way to make Kimchi.


Latest Recipes


Traditional Cabbage KimchiTraditional Cabbage Kimchi
배추김치 [Baechu Kimchi]
Follow the three steps in Kimchi in 3 Steps, to make the traditional Napa Cabbage Kimchi two ways. First with the traditional turnip stuffing with julienned turnips. Second option, Larger turnip slices layered with the cabbages all flavored with The Basic Sauce.

Quick Cabbage Kimchi
막김치 [MakKimchi]
Napa cabbage Kimchi also known as Chinese Cabbage Kimchi is the most well known among the many varieties of Kimchi. This recipe is the quick and easy version of the traditional Cabbage Kimchi but retains the full genuine flavors.

Kimchi Salad - GutjuriCabbage Kimchi Salad
겉절이 [Gutjuri]
Cabbage hearts are the sweetest part of the cabbage and perfect as a salad. While kimchi needs time to ferment, gutjuri can be eaten right away.

Cucumber KimchiCucumber Kimchi
오이김치 [Oee Kimchi]
Quick and Easy version of the traditional Cucumber Kimchi. Simple and fast to make but just as tasty as the traditional method. Follow the 3 steps of Kimchi making, make a batch for tonight’s dinner. No fermentation is necessary.

Turnip KimchiTurnip Kimchi
깍두기 [Ggakdugee]
Korean turnip is cut into cubes and flavored with The Basic Red Pepper Kimchi Sauce for a spicy crispy Kimchi. Turnip Kimchi needs to be fully fermented for best taste.

Radish KimchiRadish Kimchi – Bachelor Kimchi
총각김치 [Chongak Kimchi]
Why “Bachelor Kimchi”…
In the olden days, young men before marriage wore their hair in a long braid. Once they got married, they cut their hair, a ritual to signify becoming a man. Read on…

PerillaKimchi8Perilla Kimchi
깻잎김치 [Kketnip Kimchi]
Perilla Kimchi needs no fementation. Simple to make using The Basic Sauce. Simply set it out at room temperature for a couple of hours, then refrigerate.

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