Paebaek – Program


The Bowing

The bride and groom will bow to the relatives starting from the groom’s parents followed by the bride’s parents on down to more distant relatives. They will take their turn sitting in front of the table to receive the bows from the couple.

The couple will bow twice; a full bow (sitting all the way to the floor) then a half bow (bowing at a standing position). It is customary for the relatives receiving the bow to slightly bow their heads when the couple bow their heads during the full bow.


The Serving of the Wine

After each bowing, the couple serves wine or tea to the elders.

The bride holds the wine cup (with her hand under the long apron) as the groom pours the wine.

A relative or a close family friend will assist with the serving of the wine.

The helper will hand the empty cup to the groom and after the wine has been poured, takes the cup from the groom and serves it to the elders. This is a good opportunity to include that special someone to be part of the ceremony.

Tea can be served instead of the wine.


The Words of Wisdom

The elders will drink the wine and offer the couple words of wisdom and blessing along with an envelope with money for the couple to enjoy on their honeymoon.

For sake of time and consideration for the bride and the groom, we opted to group all the aunts and uncles together to receive the bows and omit the wine service. You can choose to do what may be befitting for your family. Or if you want to keep to the tradition, choose to bow individually to each set of relatives.


The Catching of Dates and Chestnuts

Next in the program is throwing and catching of dates and chestnuts. The bride and groom will extend the long apron. The elders receiving the bow will throw dates and chestnuts to the couple.

The couple will try to catch them. This ritual is meant for the couple to have many healthy children.

To add a bit of fun and humor to the ceremony, the number of chestnuts and dates the couple catches are counted and announced throughout the ceremony as number of children they will have.


Bowing in Unison: Siblings and Cousins

After all the elders have gone through the program, siblings and cousins of similar age or younger will bow together with the bride and groom. The couple will only do a full bow and omit the half bow (no exchange of words of wisdom, money envelope or wine service).


The Piggyback Ride

The ceremony concludes with the groom giving his bride a piggyback ride around the staging area, a gesture of promise of his everlasting devotion and love for her throughout their life.

The groom can also give his mother and mother-in-law a piggyback ride. This is totally optional.