Paebaek – Wedding Attire

Korean Wedding AttireThe bride wears a beautiful HANBOK (Traditional Korean dress). Over her hanbok is a long top coat with flowing sleeves.

Her face is adorned with red dots on her forehead and cheeks.

Her hair is put up in a bun with a long decorative hairpin through it. A flowing ribbon is wrapped around the ends of the hairpin. On her head is a ceremonial headdress (jokdoori).

An embroidered white apron is draped over her hands touching the floor.

The groom also wears hanbok, a traditional Korean garment. He has on a top outer coat, hat and boots.  As marriage represented the most important day in a man’s life, the groom wore a uniform resembling a government official as a sign of respect and importance.

There are a few companies that will rent costumes and accessories needed for Paebaek. But majority of them require pick up and drop off at the shop. Do a web search in your area to find a shop that will rent the costumes.

I found a Korean Traditional Dress shop in Los Angeles that was willing to ship to the wedding location. They rent a Hanbok and Paebaek costume package.

LeeWha Traditional Korean Dress Shop
555 S Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Dressing The Bride


  • Dress in Hanbok, Korean costume.
  • Wear the wedding robe over the hanbok.
  • Wrap the long ribbon around the waist and tie in the back.

  • Paebaek - Bride Waist-Up

  • Place the long hairpin through the bun. Hair should be worn in a bun.
  • Wrap the long ribbon once over on each side of the hairpin and let it drape down.
  • Place the Jokdori, ornamental hairpiece, on top of the head and secure by pulling the rubber band under the chin.
  • Place the wide ribbon on the head, with triangular tip to lay right above the Jokdori.
    Secure with hairpins.

  • Paebaek - Korean Bride's Long Sleeves

  • Gather hands together inside the sleeves and drape the white apron over the sleeves.
  • Place red dots* on the bride’s face: center of the forehead and one on each cheek.
  • Ballet slippers can be worn as shoes.

  • *Red round stickers (available in office supply stores) can be used. May want to cut to size proportionate to the bride’s face.

    Dressing The Groom

    Paebaek - Korean Groom Hat

    Paebaek - Groom Attire

  • Wear the traditional Korean Hanbok.
  • Over the Hanbok, wear the wedding coat.
  • Put on the hat and boots.

  • Option: He can also wear the wedding garment over shirt and tie as the coat covers most of the clothing worn underneath.

    If you are not able to find a traditional wedding attire, not to worry.

    The bride and groom can wear a simple Hanbok (Korean costume). One or more of our relatives or friends should have these for us to borrow for the day.

    A long apron can be sewn with a cotton white fabric to drape over the bride’s hands. Other embellishments can be made or can be as simple as the couple dressed in hanbok.

    The importance of the ceremony is the bowing itself. Each Paebaek, however we choose to do it, will create a meaningful experience for the couple, family and friends.